Partner/Family Visas

Partners/Spouses of an Australian citizen or permanent residents can apply for this visa. There are two stages of a partner visa application. First a temporary visa is granted to applicants. Holders can then meet the requirements of permanent visa after two years from date of first application. The motive for two years wait is to see if relationship survives during this period. In some exception circumstances, permanent visa may be granted even after relationship breaks during this two year period.

Partner visa can be applied either based on marriage / de-facto relationship / relationship registration etc. Australian law also recognises same sex relationships.  

Subclass 390/100 Visa:

This visa is for those applicants who are outside of Australia at the time of application. Applicants can apply for a visitor visa to visit their Australian partners during the processing of this visa. It is important to know that an applicant has to be out of Australia at the time of grant of subclass 309 visa.

Subclass 820/801 Visa:

This visa is for those applicants who are in Australia at the time of application. Eligible applicants can remain in Australia during the processing period. Once applicants’ bridging visa is in force, full time work and study rights are available on this bridging visa.

Subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage Visa):

This visa is for those applicants who want to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse.  This visa is for nine months duration.

Partner/Family Visas

Australia offers parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents parents visas so that they could live with their child(ren). There are variety of visas available for eligible parents. Most of the parents’ visa categories are divided into contributory and non-contributory category. Difference is the cost of securing a parent visa. Non-contributory parents’ visas have long waiting period. This can last more than 20 years in waiting. Contributory visas have shorter waiting period of let’s say five years or so. These waiting periods keep on changing depending on the allocation these visas get from the Government.

Parents of certain age are also eligible for Aged parent visa. This category can also be onshore or offshore as in other parents’ visas.

It is important to know that at least half of the children must be eligible Australian citizens or PR. If you are looking for further information on any of the parents’ visa, contact us using the link below

Other Family Visas

Australia offers variety of family visas other than partner and parent visas. Some of these visas include child visa, last remaining relative visa, carer visa etc. You need to contact us if you seek further information about these visa categories.

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